Live performance recording with one take, one camera

Oswaldo Machado, a conductor graduate of Adelphi University and accomplished pianist performs an improvisational piece.

Filmed in one take with a Sony a7SII on an Easy Rig Minimax. I rented the Easy Rig for a week of shooting and this was my second day with it after only using it for an hour the day before. It was also the first time using it to record a long take or performance. I had never heard Oswaldo play before and I started out with the intent to film some cutaways for a longer video I was working on, but after a few moments of hearing him play I decided not to cut the camera during the performance and I'm glad I didn't! Oswaldo's playing is truly beautiful. I can see how practice with the Easy Rig makes a big difference and the next time I attempt something like this I'll be focusing on smoother, floating transitions between angles.

Sony a7S II and Zeiss Loxia 50/2 on Easy Rig Minimax. Audio recorded on a Zoom H1 laying directly on the piano.