New commercial for Axis Labs

I recently released a new 60s commercial I was hired to shoot for Axis Labs, a Denver based supplement company. The best part was that I got to work with fitness model, blogger and trainer Alysha White who was a blast to work with. She's exceptionally dynamic and provided the concept for the video which we worked together to refine and shotlist. She's a trainer, but also a mom and wants to continue being both and inspire others to give their best.

I shot entirely in 4k on Sony a7SII and a7RII in super 35 mode. I used the a7SII paired with a Rokinon cine DS 24mm on my new DJI Ronin-M gimbal which provided some great results for the orbiting shots and boxing footage.

This job was a challenge because we had about 4 hours of open time at the gym to shoot before it opened for classes so we needed to be efficient with our shot list and desired coverage. Second, we were going to be shooting with Alysha's one and half year old son who is pretty unpredictable and energetic. So even though I shot listed something, did not mean were going to get it. We got what we got and we made it work through creative editing and improvisation!