"I'm Sorry, I Love You"

ISILY is a short film that I DP'd and edited and was written and directed by Jaime Gonzalez. It stars David Lago, Claire Birmingham and Roel Navarro. Michael, a scientist working in seclusion on a secret cybernetics project when he receives startling news about his situation.

The film was ambitious to accomplish over two days in January in southern California because the sun set at 4:50pm. This meant we had extremely limited day light to work with for a film that mostly takes place during the day. There was large spaces to light and I needed to shoot day scenes that continued well into the evening so it was a big challenge to keep that lighting consistent. In fact during the final sequence only two of the shots were actually filmed during daylight hours and I am very happy with the consistency. The film was shot in 4k with the Sony FS700 and recorded on the Atomos Shogun Flame which is a beautiful monitor and gave us a fantastic image to work with.