"Let It Shine", lifestyle film featuring Noella Wong

I just released a brand new lifestyle film featuring the very talented and sweet Noella Wong, a 13 year old actress from Denver, CO. Working with her was a joy and I’m sure she’s going to be very successful in whatever route she chooses.

I find the typical fashion films where it’s just a model posing in random locations to be pretty boring. I require some kind of story to keep my attention. So, I concepted this little story about an adventurous young lady exploring the mountain side and documenting nature. I hope you enjoy it!

A fashion film starring Noella Wong, filmed at Mount Falcon Park, in Indian Hills, CO. Directed, filmed, edited by Gus Cantavero. Styling by Gillian Cantavero. Filmed on Canon C300 Mark II with 4k RAW on Atomos Shogun Inferno. 2 opening clips filmed on Fujifilm X-T3. Music: "This Little Light of Mine" by JJ Heller