Deer Creek Canyon in snow

Although I took these last month I wanted to share a moody series of images. I’m a landscape lover and I’m constantly working to develop MY angle on landscapes rather than just taking pretty pictures that fall in the pol with everyone else. Though, I take those, too for my own library. I feel like it should be a bit more special to be shared publicly. Landscapes have a power to leave an impression of wonder and introspection on a viewer and as artists we should always be self analyzing to ask, “did I do it?” I also have never considered myself a black and white shooter as I love color, but recently I have been finding more and more appropriate uses for it. We’ll see where this takes me. Shot with Sony a7rII and Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2.

Black and white stalks in snow
Canyon Wall
Canyon Path

"Rivers, Paths and Bridges" an exploration of Bear Creek Park

After moving to Denver, CO from CT this year I was fortunate enough to have Bear Creek Park just down the street from my house in Lakewood. This is a little compilation of shots I did at the park over several weeks using my DJI Phantom 4 drone and some locked off shots with Sony a7SII.

Coming from the east coast I did not grow up with accessible parks and outdoors experiences so this is me paying respect to my new home and all the inspiration it gives me.
Sony a7SII with Sony 16-35f4 and Zeiss Loxia 50/2
DJI Phantom 4
Color graded with FilmConvert in FCP X